Brief Introduction

The 2018 Xi'an International Entrepreneurship Competition aims to focus on the world's frontier technological innovations from a global perspective, strengthen the exchange and interaction between Xi'an and advanced cities both at home and abroad, expand Xi'an's international influence, and attract more domestic and foreign talents, advanced technologies, promising projects and capital resources to Xi'an.

I. Host Party

Xi'an Municipal People's Government

II. Theme

Gather global resources, build the capital of entrepreneurship

III. Time

August-December 2018

IV. Divisions 

11 divisions including 5 ones abroad in Silicon Valley, Berlin, London, Brisbane and Tel Aviv, and 6 ones at home in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, and Xi’an.

Entry requirements

The competition runs through three stages: entry application, divisional competition, and final.

 (I) Participants

Startups (within 36 months of establishment) or teams can sign up.

 (II) Fields of entries

The participating projects are divided into three major groups: information technology, biomedicine, advanced manufacturing and new materials.

Schedule of the competition

The competition runs through three stages: entry application, divisional competition, and final.

(I) Entry application (15 August-15 September)

Entry application in all divisions should be done online through the one and only official website (

(II) Divisional competition (20 September-20 October) 

In divisional competition, there will be a screening process and  a series of road shows, through which promising projects will be picked out for the final. 

 (III) Final (6-7 December)

Field qualifiers and and the final will be held in Xi’an, lasting two days.

Prize for winning entries

The prize money for this competition totals RMB 4 million yuan, including one top prize of RMB 1 million, two first prizes of RMB 0.5 million each, three second prizes of RMB 0.2 million each, six third prizes of RMB 0.1 million each, twelve honorable mentions of RMB 50,000 each, twenty consolation prizes of RMB 10,000 each.

Relevant supporting policies

(1) For those winning entries settling in Xi’an, prior consideration will be given by Xi'an Science and Technology Bureau in the arrangement of Municipal Science and Technology Program, and any district, county or development zone receiving a winning entry will offer a work space not more than 500 square meters, rent free for the first two years and 50% discounted in the third year,. 

(2) For those winning entries settling in Xi’an with leading technology, bright market prospect and clear industrialization direction, through the district, county or development zone's preliminary review and recommendation, a fund support of RMB 1 to 50 million will be offered by Xi'an Science and Technology Bureau from the Science and Technology Development Foundation Package, in line with the Management Methods of the Great Xi'an Foundation. Within three years, the start-up team can pay dividend at 50 percent of the ongoing benchmark interest rate of bank loans and repurchase the fund contribution part. 

Xi \'an,China
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