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      Xi'an International Entrepreneurship Competition (abbreviated as “XIEC”) aims to build an international innovation and entrepreneurship platform for cooperation and communication through international competitions. Besides, the competition is committed to attract investment and accelerate domestic and foreign advanced technical achievements landing in Xi'an by gathering resources and attracting domestic and international high-end innovation and entrepreneurship talents, teams, projects and financial investment institutions.

Supporting policies of Xi'an municipal government, the top 500 enterprises, investment and financing institutions, all these three resources are here to support high-quality foreign projects landing and accelerate the internationalization of innovation technology in Xi'an.

It collected well-known domestic and foreign investment institutions, professional investors to dock with outstanding projects directly.

High quality projects at home and abroad bring together in Xi'an, attracting millions of capital investors, and promoting regional capital development in Xi'an.

With some of the world's top 500 enterprises getting invited, the entries get opportunities to cooperate with world famous enterprises and lay an unprecedented foundation for the development of startup projects.

With domestic and international startup projects converge on this city and compete,Xi'an is showing its international style as an ancient capital.

International Events
Fortune 500 Companies
Attract Investments
Investment and Financing Institutions
Foreign Projects Landing

Stimulate innovative vitality   Enjoy entrepreneurial Xi'an

Investment and financing institutions docking with outstanding projects directly

Give you more strength to start a business

Great mentorship

Entrepreneurial experience    Instruct without reservation


Xi 'an,China
Sign up contact:Yang Tao
Chengdu,China /Wuhan,China
Sign up contact:Guo Nan

Sign up contact:nathan
Hangzhou,China /Silicon valley USA
Sign up contact:Kang Si

Sign up contact:Mr. Gordon

Tel aviv, Israel
Sign up contact:Jin Xu

Beijing,China /Berlin, Germany

/Cape Town, South Africa,
Sign up contact:Zhao Qing

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